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It includes:


To be able to evaluate your nervous system and provide you with the best care.

Digital Posture

To determine how your spine is working


To ease your discomfort.

Report With

To discuss exactly what is the state of your spine and nervous system.

All this for
only €90

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Why Chiropractie?

We look at health from a different perspective.

Our goal is to help you find lasting relief from pain and symptoms and a higher level of health in a natural way without the use of drugs or surgery. Rather than treating symptoms or disease, we use a holistic approach to tailor specific therapies, rehabilitation exercises and nutrition advice to you as an individual.

About us

Dr. Martina Castelli

Hello! I am Dr. Martina, a chiropractor here at Chiropractic Connection.

I come from Como, a beautiful little town in Italy, best known for its famous lake.

I am a family person, food fanatic and nature lover, but more than anything, I am a big supporter of the human body and its amazing healing power.

I am passionate about challenging people's health perspective and helping them make a positive change in their habits. My approach focuses on teaching the body to integrate different types of stresses present in everyday life. When you are adapting well to your environment, your qualify of life together with your health improves. This is what I want for each one of my patients!

With a consistent and structured approach, we can identify and correct the underlying imbalances and weaknesses that are at the root of your problem so that you not only feel your best, but also function and perform at your best.
Dra. Martina Castelli
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